Established in 2021. Pwning noobs like it's 2009.

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Update: 12/2/2022

We have added a new server for Hell Let Loose. You can find the server in the in game server browser under the following name: GAMERSGRAVE.NET | HARDCORE | LIGHTNING & THUNDER | DALLAS

Update: 5/11/2022

We have added some new servers and made some changes to the existing servers. Please see a full changelog here for more detailed information.

Update: 1/6/2022

Happy New Year. We have added some quality of life plugins to the U.S server, as well as fixing some issues that were causing some performance issues. We are looking at hiring a developer to create some custom plugins for the server, namely, a Bot plugin. If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact us in the Steam Group listed below.

Update: 10/11/2021

We have taken down most of the servers due to inactivity. I think sometime soon we will actually get around to putting up some more servers, though I'm not sure what kind yet.

Update: 5/31/2021

The server has been installed in the datacenter. We are in the process of spinning up some VMs and configuring them for some gameservers. So far, we have a CSS and ZPS server almost setup. Next we will be working on a GMOD server. More updates to come soon.

Update: 6/6/2021

We are well into configuring the game servers now. We have a ZPS server, two CSS servers, and a GMOD server provisioned. So far, the ZPS server is almost complete, with only minor tweaking needed. The two CSS servers will be on the back burner for the time being, as we are focusing on getting the GMOD Zombie Survival server up and running.

About was founded on January 3rd, 2021 by nabe, ZombieMan, and MeanestManAlive. We are focused on providing a unique gaming experience for all players. We host a variety of different game servers currently and are working towards spinning up more in the future. Please click here to join our Steam Community group to stay up to date on all of the latest news. Feel free to join the group chat room where we are active every day.

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